Welcome to the conference: Dr. Fletcher Taylor


Lecture on Friday, October 12: "Prazosin and PTSD"

Fletcher Taylor MD is a board-certified psychiatrist and neurologist with more than two decades of experience treating people with trauma-related problems which extend into sleep disorders. Taylor divides his time between clinical research and his adult psychiatry practice at Rainier Associates in Tacoma. 

He has also received formal training in cognitive and behavior therapies, which help him better serve patients with specific kinds of sleep problems related to anxiety and mood disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. He focuses specifically on sleep physiology.

He has also served as Assistant Clinical Professor for UW's, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and as a physician at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma.

Taylor is one of the first researchers to look at pharmacological treatments for the condition of PTSD and was lead author of the study "Prazosin Effects on Objective Sleep Measures and Clinical Symptoms in Civilian Trauma PTSD: A Placebo-Controlled Study" published in Biological Psychiatry in 2008.